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There are some ways to ensure your engagement ring. ring insurance can be purchased as an extension (also called a “pilot”) for their tenants or owners of housing policy. Renters and homeowners policies cover things at home, but only up to a certain dollar value. special, expensive items such as engagement rings, art and electronics, are guaranteed in the extension of coverage: An insurance policy that covers personal property set particular elements. Another option is to ensure your ring through a company specializing in jewelry insurance, which could offer more coverage than a homeowners policy standard housing (in replacement of a lost ring or stolen instead of paying a fixed amount of cash, for example).

Who needs the ring more secure:
Any couple with jewelry that has the expensive material or sentimental value. Whether your wedding rings and cost $ 500 or $ 50,000, an insurance policy is a way to honor not only their financial value, but what they represent. The sentiment behind priceless rings, but the rings themselves can be replaced-if they are insured in case something happens to them.

How does ring insurance:
You will need to provide your receipts, and an appraisal for the price of a small fee. (You can get an evaluation of a certified gemologist.) And remember: If you move after the wedding, make sure your “pilot ring” below. Some couples have the ring insured in the house of the bride (or their parents) before the wedding, but not added to the policy for their new home when they move in together.

If you do not have a policy of tenants or homeowners, there is an alternative way to ensure your ring: Certain insurance companies offer policies through jewelers in individual pieces, ask your jeweler if you work with an insurance company for offer ring insurance. Such policies can vary widely company by company (usually a jeweler will offer a policy is underwritten by smaller company), so ask specific questions about the level of coverage.

Questions to ask before choosing a policy:
It is the ring covered in case of accidental or loss only in case of theft?
How will the company replace the ring with a check? Or will require the purchase of a replacement through a specified jeweler?
And if it is a ring time or another unique piece? How will the quality and size of your diamond, and a replacement if necessary, documented?
It is the total cost secured to ring or a fraction of it?
How you will need to test the disappeared if a claim is made ring?
Are there any circumstances that are not covered? (What if the wings on ring circus elephants and trampled upon, for example?)
Average cost:
The annual cost to insure your ring is $ 1 to $ 2 for every $ 100 it would cost to replace. In plain English, this means that if your ring would cost $ 9,000 to replace, you can expect to pay between $ 90 and $ 180 a year to ensure that-or a little more in the cities where the risk of theft is greater.

How to Get Your Cost Down:
Buy a vault or safe to store jewelry when not being used. You can also keep paperwork as valuations in the safe, so you always know where he is, if necessary.

If you only remember one thing:
When shopping for a policy of “pilot ring”, be sure to read the fine print. A good policy will cover every potential danger ring, theft and damage to an accidental fall in the garbage disposal situation.

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